Plasterboard wall + ceiling repairs

Put a foot, fist or head through a wall or ceiling? We can fix it!

Put a fist through a wall? We can fix it!

We are regularly involved in carrying out insurance repair work including emergency call-outs ranging from small accidents to large-scale damage. Why leave unsightly holes in walls, thinking one day you will get around to fixing it yourself, when we can fix them quickly and cost effectively?

We also work with many of the local resorts and Body’s Corporate to provide scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs to common areas and also private tenancies.

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"Patch and Paint have been working for us ever since we took over the Management Rights in Aril 2008. We used them primarily for casual Holiday Apartment repairs and the odd patching and painting job for the Body Corporate.
Over the months, Callum and his team have impressed us with their professionalism and consequently we were happy to put forward their names when the Body Corporate decided to tender for some major painting. The quote that Patch and Paint submitted was extremely detailed, incorporating many photos and full descriptions of the work to be carried out. After receiving quotes from two other companies and after a personal recommendation from us they were taken on as the preferred contractor for this kind of work in the building.
All work is carried out promptly and with a high degree of care and attention to detail. Callum and his team are always pleasant and we have had no cause to question any work that they have completed.
Thank you Patch and Paint."

Gilly & Martin